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Our hard work of months and successful deliveries of previous projects we were again appointed to develop the prototype for the DU new application named “QJump” which is now known as DU – Appointment Booking.

DU QJump in tablet.

From the initial stages of conceptualization, we recognised the need for the application that took into account two key factors: First, it will be viewed by users using different devices; second, providing a simple and intuitive browsing experience. The application has to provide an aspirational experience, allowing users to book an appointment quickly and easily.

Responsive view of DU appointment using iPhone


  • Responsive PSD to HTML
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Compatible with multiple browsers and devices.
  • Implementation of DU fonts using @font-face
  • Customize jQuery validation
  • Clean HTML
  • Multilingual Datepicker
  • Responsive with different size devices.
Multilingual Calender

Multilingual Calendar

As the application is developed for UAE, where lots of different languages are spoken. Keeping that in mind we used all the component which can be easily changed to different languages.