Wonder Balloon landing page

Related Products

The related products are displayed based on the user interest and products that they are currently browsing to increase the sales and user experience.

Increase Revenue

By user retention strategy & re-targeting existing customer we helped our client to increase their revenue and added more customers in their bucket.

Responsive Layout

Mobile-First has been skyrocketing over the last few years. In contrast, we develop a website which does not only work on desktop but it is mobile-friendly which means it will work on a tablet, mobile and desktop devices. So user using any device can easily browse through and make an order.

Powerful Admin Panel

A custom admin with lots of powerful option so they can easily manage their online shop and update important details easily with less coding knowledge.

Features Overview

  • Price Calculator
  • Balloon Designing Tool
  • Custom Shipping Module
  • Rich Snippet
  • AI-powered Related Products
  • Responsive to different size devices.
  • Optimisation

Our team members performed a wonderful task in converting HTML based website into CMS based using a powerful engine WordPress for the business and customers needs.

Another challenge was to integrate all three of its stores’ rental mailbox service directly with Paypal and Pixsols effectively performed it.